Global Driving Solutions (GDS)

Global Driving Solutions is an integrated driving school system. From business operations to technology, curriculum development to marketing, we offer the highest quality training and curriculum to promote a safe driving culture while providing a high level of customer service, working with and in the communities we serve providing measurable results. Global Driving Solutions is majority owned and managed by The Driver Training Group, Inc.

The Driver Training Group, Inc. (TDTG)

The Driver Training Group is the parent company of two franchise brands of education schools for driver education and the parent company to Global Driving Solutions. Its mission is to inspire and educate, engage and motivate drivers to perform better behind the wheel. The company has developed a number of programs for pre-license teen drivers, new teen drivers, adult drivers with an existing license, professional driving instructors, master instructors and corporate fleet drivers that goes beyond traditional driving lessons or driver education. The ultimate goal of The Driver Training Group is to create an enhanced driving school experience and challenge student drivers to be collision free for life. The business’ innovative approach to driving lessons makes learning fun in a challenging way, and actually improves the rate at which drivers retain the information by incorporating leading mental performance exercises to ensure students are more focused and aware of their driving environment.


The Driver Training Group, Inc. was founded in 2004. Since TDTG’s creation, its franchise driving school brands have trained over 378,000 new teen drivers and over 210,000 adults, corporate fleet, and government drivers through conventional classroom and online courses. TDTG has previously partnered with Allstate Insurance Company to conduct a 5 year distracted driving awareness campaign in over 200 cities. This program, Action against Distraction, was focused on new teen drivers and the effects of distracted driving.

Proven Success

Currently operating in 7 US states with a 50 state online presence, our student base is rapidly expanding and has recently reached over 378,000 successfully trained students nationwide.

Customer Demand for Services

Our driving schools Owners are experiencing, on average, over a 20% annual growth rate year over year. We believe this growth rate is explained by several factors but two stand out. First, receive repeat business from families that had one child attend one of our driving schools and now a second is ready for their training. Second, our word of mouth referrals are very strong from past and current students to others who are looking and ready to attend their first driver education course.

High Value Products for Revenue Growth

Our driving schools offer a variety of driver education courses, including Pre-Teen Driver Training Courses, New Teen Driving Courses, Adult First Time License and Refresher Courses, Teen and Adults Private Coaching Sessions, Teen and Adult Skill Enhancement Courses, Teen and Adult Online Practice Examinations, Corporate Fleet Training Programs and Specialized Law Enforcement Driver Training/Refresher Courses.

When you join our Driving School family, our committed team approach ensures that you will never be alone. All franchise owners receive initial and ongoing training, as well as hands on support from our highly trained and experienced corporate staff. Our teams’ areas of expertise are: Curriculum design and development, curriculum content management, business management, finance and accounting, marketing, public relations, online systems development, database management, operations service delivery and most importantly, driver training.